How to Contribute

The Windermere Word relies solely on student contribution and involvement - that is, the work that you, the students, put into it! Our mandate is to increase media literacy among students by involving them in the world of journalism. Windermere students can submit all kinds of work, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Informational/opinion/analytical articles about an issue of concern in the world/community or in current events

  • Other types of articles, including film and book reviews/analyses

  • Articles to promote volunteer opportunities and initiatives in the school/community

  • Articles to promote upcoming school events or recap past events

  • Creative/fictional stories

  • Comic strips


Please note that articles and written works may contain a maximum of 500 words. You may wish to include 1-2 images to display alongside your article - please include the links to the images if possible, in the same document as the article. If your work requires any research, please include the links to your sources. Works may be submitted on our 'Submit Your Work' Page.


Articles may take between 5 to 10 days to go through our editorial process before being approved and published on our website. Students will be notified through email when their article is published.

Extra Credit Incentive

English and Socials teachers at Windermere are also offering extra credit marks to students who contribute articles to the Word. Students may pick 1 class they would like to receive extra credit for per article they submit. You may receive extra credit marks for a certain class for up to 3 times a term. You may indicate the class of your choice when you submit your article through our form.

Please note that some teachers may only accept certain types of articles for extra credit marks. Please see your teacher for more details on their acceptance policy. Articles submitted for extra credit must contain a minimum of 300 words. Your teacher will be notified that you should receive extra credit after your article has been published.

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