Celebrating Our Release!

January 15, 2018


What’s The Windermere Word? What’s the point of it? Why should I care?


It’s time to get all of those questions answered - by heading to the foyer at lunch this Wednesday, January 17th. To celebrate the release of The Windermere Word, our team will be hosting a lunch-time event with a number of festivities. First, we will be selling Freshslice pizza to fundraise for our organization’s initiatives. Slices will be sold at $2.50 each, and the pizza types include pepperoni, cheese, Hawaiian, and veggie. There will be NO pre-orders for this pizza sale, so make sure you come quick to the foyer when the bell rings!


On top of our pizza sale, The Windermere Word will also be holding an informational and interactive booth alongside our fundraiser, where you can interact with our team and learn more about our organization. You will get to participate in activities for a chance to win some fantastic prizes - come out on the day of to see what they are! There will also be a chance to win a bigger prize on our social media platform. So, if you haven’t given a ‘like’ on our Facebook page yet, be sure to do so now!


On behalf of The Windermere Word, we hope you’re all excited and we hope to see lots of you at our event on Wednesday!



Angus Ho


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