Polar Bears and Climate Change

March 12, 2018



Climate change has affected the world more than we thought it would. It has affected our oceans, our polar regions, and our atmosphere. It is slowly destroying our planet, and we all have to contribute in order to slow down climate change. Today, I am mainly focusing on polar bears and how climate change has affected their habitat.



Polar bears are one of the species that is most affected by climate change. The ice is very important to the way they live. It is where polar bears have the advantage when they are hunting their favourite prey, seals. Since polar bears are migraters, they use the ice flow to move from one patch of ice to another. Without ice, they would have to swim to catch their prey. Polar bears are great swimmers, but they are not aquatic animals, so they have a disadvantage in the water.



In conclusion, the polar bear species is slowly dying out because their habitat is being destroyed by humans and climate change. To save the polar bears, we can minimize the use of vehicles, the burning of fossil fuels, and industrial farming. I know that everyone can think of healthy alternatives to counteract what contributes to climate change and to help save the polar bears.


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