How to Prevent Theft

March 23, 2018


Have you ever owned something valuable only to lose it? A great example is the device you could be holding right now to read this article – a phone. Say you were doing just that, and your friend calls out to you. You leave your phone briefly unattended, and return to an empty desk! But that's just a possible situation, and there's no reason to panic. This guide will explain ways in which you can prevent everyday theft.


To start off, why do people steal in the first place? Well, greed and jealousy are usually what cause people to steal. Thievery isn’t usually planned out (this isn’t a heist movie), so most of the time, thieves are just casually doing their own things. When they see something that they really want, they steal it because they think the reward is worth the risk.


Thieves act when there is nobody around or when people forget to mind their belongings, so a good little tip is to double check for your stuff whenever you are about to leave an area. Anyone who has experienced theft would know that the most important thing is to be aware. People who steal know that the only way to get around the penalties is to remain unseen! So, as the owner, just stay aware of where your things are, and you’ll be well on your way to being safe from thieves.


But, you can’t keep looking out for everything at every moment in life. In that case, something else you can do is to write your name on your valued possessions. With theft in a school setting, where you’re bound to run into the thief again (they must keep attending school after all), the most important thing to have is proof of your ownership.  


Another thing you can do is to keep your items in a way so that not all the valuables are in one area. If someone had a car for example, and had things like phones and jewelry open to the human eye, people would become more inclined to steal because the risk doesn’t seem as bad compared to the reward when even more can be gained.


Something small but easily forgotten is that your belongings are yours - make them look like it by adding unique designs! This can not only make your things look even better,  but also leave a distinct look, so if somebody does take your valuables, you can point out the customizations you added and easily get it back.


Finally, to prevent theft in public, only bring the possessions that are vital. You can’t steal something that isn’t there.


So, the next time a friend calls out to you and you happen to be using your phone, think about what can happen if you leave your phone unattended, and decide what to do with your precious things. Maybe your friend called you because they just so happened to lose their own valuables as well!


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