B.C Liberal MLA Mike Morris Shouldn't Have Commented on Funding Committed to Indigenous Languages

March 27, 2018



        According to CBC News, on February 26, 2018, Liberal MLA, Mike Morris, came to the conclusion on how to possibly improve the lives of people in our society who are suffering from different types of abuse and violence - by investing the 50 million dollars that were meant for preserving Indigenous languages into extra policing resources. Mike Morris should not have suggested that the 50 million dollars committed to Indigenous languages would be better used for policing because the amount of harm in our society cannot be fixed by policing. Some may argue that he was just trying to make the communities we live in better. However, policing cannot solve the problems that Indigenous peoples face - these problems are happening because our society did not educate people about how their actions could influence a child and possibly the next generation of children. The problems are also related to stress. Therefore, we cannot solve the problems easily because not all ways of relieving stress are effective towards every individual person.


        We were the ones that took the lands of the Indigenous peoples in the past, and they never planned revenge on us for doing so. Therefore, we should not neglect their problems just because they seem less important to us; we owe them more than we think we do. However, it will be hard for Indigenous peoples to believe that Mike Morris, a man who has spent 32 years in the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), will make good use of the 50 million dollars that were meant for their languages that they lost in residential schools. In the past, many Indigenous peoples were beaten to death by the RCMP. According to the article, "After being beaten and marched naked through RCMP detachment, Siksika man sues Mounties" from CBC News, in April 2016, a "false arrest" occurred, which caused an Indigenous man to become severely injured. Therefore, we do not have the right to persuade the Indigenous peoples to believe in any decisions made by anyone related to the RCMP.


         Although Mike Morris may seem like he was rude for making an absurd suggestion, others thought he did it due to his care for the safety of Canadian citizens that are harming people or being harmed. However, the article, "Indigenous Suicide Prevention " from Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP), claims that "Indigenous peoples in Canada have some of the highest suicide rates in the world." If Mike Morris wanted to help lower the suicide rate of Canadians, then he could start by trying to help the Indigenous peoples that have experienced trauma passed down from their ancestors because of colonization. Therefore, when an MLA says that a certain problem should be prioritized while a problem involving Indigenous peoples should not be because it seems insignificant, they should think about how assisting Indigenous people will help us gain their trust back; it could possibly lower the suicide rate of Indigenous peoples.






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