A Heartwarming Performance- Father Writes a Song to His Son Living with autism, on World Autism Awareness Day

April 25, 2018



        Actions speak volumes - they have the power to spark hope within people through change. When a particular issue sparks your interest, you may feel the tendency to write or speak about these problems. Although this shows understanding, we must get our ideas out the front door and put them into action. April is a month devoted to creating social change, as well it is Autism Awareness Month. As the lead singer from the Royal Canadian Air Force, and a father of a 9-year old son, David Grenon brought us closer to reforming the negative stigma revolving around the autism spectrum disorder.


        On Autism Awareness Day, David Grenon completed a heartwarming performance to his 9-year old son Hugo, who lives with autism. Autism spectrum disorder is a spectrum of varying conditions depending on the individual, and the environment they are in. The lyrics of the song were based on his son’s perspective of the world, and were meant to bring upon a better understanding of his journey while being diagnosed with autism. All proceeds made from the song went towards Autism Manitoba, a charity that has helped Hugo during his journey of having autism. These proceeds contributed to bringing support and resources to numerous families having members with autism, helping them succeed in their future goals.


        The lyrics of this song are an important reminder of acceptance. Individuals who are diagnosed with autism have the potential to be successful as said in the lyrics, “Love me for who I am, and we’ll see how far, I can go. [Be]cause I’m just a child, a special one, with all the passion in the world deep in my eyes. Don’t worry just smile at me. Be my guide to teach me things, show me the world.”


        Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison for example, had Asperger's Syndrome, however, they were still able to achieve numerous accomplishments during their lifetime. They discovered key findings about the world, and later on became role models for plenty of people. Another example would be Mozart. Although he had autism, having been unable to keep his hands and feet still, he became one of the most famous and talented composers in history.


         Efforts to spread awareness, such as David Grenon’s act, have positively changed the lives for many families. Awareness lays the path for acceptance, and with acceptance, we will be able to improve the lives of individuals with autism as well as their families.







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