Mural Artwork Chosen for Windermere Orchard

December 11, 2019

The winner of the Windermere Orchard mural competition, Kate Dirks in Grade 11, created an inspiring art piece that will be painted and displayed on the orchard wall. Kate’s piece featured a farm to table theme and will be enjoyed by students, teachers and neighbouring community members.


This competition aimed to select an artwork to be featured on the currently bare orchard wall to beautify the space, in hopes that it will invite more community members of the school to be more involved in the orchard and it’s initiatives. 


The artwork was mainly selected based on it’s interpretation of food justice and how well it incorporates core themes from the Environmental Science 11 curriculum which includes sustainability, diversity in ecosystems, stewardship and/or restoration. The judging was also based on the incorporation of the values and missions of Windermere Secondary School, as stated in the school website. Examples of values include: promote mutual respect, self-esteem, and cooperation, foster cultural and aesthetic awareness, encourage physical fitness and lay the foundation for life-long learning. The judges who selected the artwork were Ms. Benita Kwon, the principal of Windermere Secondary and the teachers of the Garden Club, Mr. Brendan Chan and Ms. Allison Dixon. 


The competition was co-organised by Ms. Petra Rempel and six undergraduate students from the University of British Columbia, as part of their LFS 350 project to revitalise Windermere Orchard as a community space. A grant writing workshop was also held on October 29 to help students gain the skills and tools needed to submit a grant to the City of Vancouver to fund the painting of the mural. 


"Get involved with the project and participate in this survey  to help the LFS 350 students collect more data about the orchard."



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