Coronavirus: Panic Rising Amid Mass Outbreak

March 2, 2020

With 24 countries impacted, thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of people affected, the COVID-19 virus is a member of the Coronavirus family that has recently caused global panic in cities all over the world. The World Health Organization declared the spread of this virus a global health emergency. 


On December 30th, the Chinese authorities were baffled by cases of a mysteriously caused pneumonia that started showing up in Wuhan, China. A few days later, the government confirmed that they had found a new virus causing these cases. At this time, the illness was not a case for extreme concern. That changed on January 11th, when a 61 year-old resident of Wuhan died, marking the first Coronavirus-related death. The man was a frequent visitor to the city's market place, where the outbreak was believed to have originated. 


The virus quickly spread to countries other than mainland China, to places such as Japan and South Korea. A case was found in the US after a 30 year-old male, who had recently visited Wuhan, developed symptoms. In response, Wuhan was shut down with warnings discouraging people from exiting or entering the city and the outbreak was declared a world health emergency on January 30th. 


With this statement, the pressure rose and airlines suspended flights to China. US President Donald Trump started to restrict entrance into the US for any foreign nationals who had been to China in the last 14 days. This restriction did not include the immediate families of any permanent residents or citizens of America. By the time the ban was set in place, the death toll had risen to 213 people. Since then, it has jumped to 2700 worldwide. 


As of February 23th, there have been 7 cases of Coronavirus in British Columbia, and 11 total in Canada. The first case, according to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, was discovered in a man in his 40’s who had been flying back to Vancouver from Montreal and was seated next to the then-unknown 6th case. Many of the subjects have been isolated in their homes and are said to be in stable condition. Quebec's Public Health Director, Horacio Arruda, has stated that the risk of contracting this disease is low and has said the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to cough into the crook of your arm, use tissues and wash your hands frequently; as the virus is contracted by close contact and inhaling the droplets that the affected individuals are releasing into the air. He further stated, "That's the best way to protect yourself. It's not masks at all."



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