Senior Boys Basketball Season

March 17, 2020

I met with Windermere sharpshooter Jeremy Chan (number 13) to discuss the basketball season, and how he felt during games and highlights of the year.


So you guys lost the first 3 games by less than 10 points in each game [61-70 Britannia, 73-81 Gladstone, 79-88 Magee], how did you feel after losing the first 3?

We felt like we could run more plays. We were just playing through one guy. We were not organized. We could have played more team basketball instead of playing through one guy.


What did the team do during the break to improve?

Over the break, our coach hosted more practices for the team. We focused on making more plays that the coach gave us and ran more screens in the offense.


January 8th was an important date for the team, Andrew hit a buzzer beater to win the game [93-92 University Hill]. Take me through that last play and the reaction by fans and the team?

So basically, Andrew was inbounding the ball and all [the] players lined up in front of him. I was supposed to run to the hoop for an alley-oop in the 0.9 seconds. Andrew passed to Ivan, got open and he just shot the ball. I was under the hoop and I knew it was going in. Then, the fans ran onto the court and we all jumped on top of Andrew. It shouldn't have been that close of a game. UHill was last [in the standings].


After that University Hill game, you guys went 3-3 heading into the playoffs. 

What did you expect going into the playoffs and how did you feel playing in such a high pressure situation?

We expected to try our best and beat the teams that we were supposed to beat, like Point Grey and make the point margin not as close. We were the highest scored on team in the league. We lost to Byng [79-101], King George [45-99], and Tupper [43-96]. I wouldn't say it was high pressure, we just had to focus and focus on winning and hustling. We need to be more disciplined and coachable, so when our coach tells us what is working and what isn't, we need to listen to him instead of just playing however we want.


You finished 5th in the city this year. Describe how the playoffs went for you guys and what happened in those 3 games?

So the first game [against King George], we expected this, we were trying to contain Nikola [their best player]. We kept trying to deny him the ball and box him out while rebounding. Not letting the shooters shoot and make him pass, not letting him get into the paint. For the second game we actually played pretty good, we played team basketball and 4 players scored in double digits, we ran the press against them since they only had one good player on the team. We played good defense due to the press and we had an opportunity to win the game. And for Gladstone, since they were missing a big man, their centre, he was their star player; so we were not focusing on the paint. And since they had a few shooters, we just tried a 3-2 defense and didn't let the shooters shoot, trying to trap them. We actually were losing at half time and came back to win that game. 


After playoffs, you guys played one game in provincials against King George. How was that performance compared to the previous 2 games against them?

Like I said, we just tried to contain him [Nikola], we just tried to box him out whenever we got the ball. The first half, we tried to run a 3-2 offense; 3 shooters on top and 2 big guys down low. And then when the ball is on the left wing, the big guy pops up to the 3 point line to run a play. It gave the shooter more opportunity to hit a 3. I was one of the big guys down low along with Maco, we tried to spread out the court and give the shooters more space.


How would you describe the season overall?

Since we began the season with 3 losses, the chemistry was not that good between us. We relied on playing through 1 player, but at the end of the season, we caught our rhythm and ran more plays, involving my people to score, we then were able to beat teams that we lost to early on in the year [Point Grey 94-88, 102-97 OT] [Gladstone 98-84]


What are your goals for basketball next year?

I am hoping to lead the team to provincials again.


I had a great time interviewing Jeremy, he gave me an opportunity to receive information from a primary source. We recapped everywhere from the Senior Team's 0-3 start to a buzzer beater, all the way to a 5th place finish in the city. I wish him well. Let's go Warriors!






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