What is The Windermere Word?

News for students, by students

The Word is Windermere Secondary’s very own student-run news publication, managed by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic high school students. The Windermere Word serves as an online platform for which students can share the work that they and their peers write. Our vision is to create a school community that is informed and actively engaged in the world of media, by providing an outlet for students to voice their thoughts and opinions on the news they learn about.


Facilitating social awareness

Originally created years ago by students in the Leadership Program, the Word’s primary vision was to “get the word out” about issues that affect our society, whether on a communal or global scale. Today, we strive to continue this goal by encouraging students to look beyond the surface of mainstream media, in order to uncover issues that are often unheard of and to understand how they affect our lives.

Change for a newer generation

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, The Windermere Word has shifted its medium from the monthly printed newspaper to an online news publication. With a modern, refined look, the Word seeks to engage more students through our new website platform. Our team of students is working on new ideas to expand the scope of our work, while maintaining its essence as a news source for Windermere.

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